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Latest news and updates on Fail State, an investigative documentary on for-profit colleges, student loan debt, and American higher education. Executive produced by news legend and journalist Dan Rather.

11/14/17 — Fail State featured in MarketWatch


Dan Rather on for-profit colleges: ‘It’s hard to find anything more outrageous than this’

"New film exposes how for-profit colleges exploit veterans and single moms" By Jillian Berman


Our director Alex recently sat down for an interview with MarketWatch to discuss Fail State and how predatory for-profit colleges target veterans, minorities, and single mothers.

"But this film illustrates through interviews, press clips and old commercials that this cycle of malfeasance and regulatory crackdown is nothing new for the for-profit college industry. Ever since the end of World War II, when the government started providing students with money to use at college, for-profit operators have popped up to take advantage. “The incentives to do bad by students are so good and so profitable that there’s almost no incentive to do good by students,” Shebanow said."

The film's executive producer Dan Rather is quoted at the end: 

“There are a lot of outrageous things happening but it’s hard to find anything more outrageous than this,” Rather said. And if the screening is any indication, the general public may agree. Following the movie, one audience member suggested Shebanow mobilize defrauded students and supporters to march on Washington. Another said simply, “This is the most depressing thing I’ve seen in a long time.”

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MarketWatch Article by Jillian Berman